Product Conditions

Packaging Info
New Condition
New condition inventory consists of overstock product that has not been previously sold. Please note that new condition tubs might be insulated and/or drilled for overflow.
Most New In Box product is in a master-pack carton and individually bagged or boxed inside or in an inner-pack box. Many of the items have luxurious finishes and are well packed individually from the factory to avoid scratches/dents etc. Some examples of this are high density foam around sinks and vanities, crates, cloth bags, and foam wrappings around faucets.
No Warranty
Like New
Potentially have minor cosmetic damage or use.
Assumed but not guaranteed functionality.
Most likely not in original factory carton.
No Warranty
Customer Returns
Customer Returns have been previously sold and returned for any reason. These items have been inspected and deemed not of new condition quality. Please note there may be scratches, patina, and some other abnormalities. Any items of poor quality and/or little value are recycled/scrapped.
These items are usually in their original packaging, and all non-tub inventory will be shipped in gaylords that sit on top of pallets.
No Warranty